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David Bowie and the jackalope
Did you notice that funny stuffed animal, being on stage
together with Bowie?
I was very amused to see this at the Berlin-concert, and
very upset to miss it in Munich.
As I've been told, it had been stolen! (it wasn't me)
But why did Bowie have that animal with him at all?
See here the results of our research...

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bowie's jackalope-book

  and this is the latest news
  that reached us, while
  working on this page:
  Mr. Bowie has written a book
  about his lost friend!
  isn't it nice?

join us!

bo kidnapped

January 2003,
Wondering, where Sailor is hiding...? Look at this photograph - it was taken in the
early morning hours in Central Park, N.Y.C., by a drunken Partyguest, who could
not believe what he had seen... obviously Bowie had been kidnapped by a big
animal, while asleep.
Now, he may be well off, somewhere in the woods, together with these nice animals.
Experts think, Bowie's not in danger, because that huge animal shows big sympathy
for the man.

Bowie's little secret

one evening, in the woods
This picture was found by a ranger in the deep dark woods... he was very happy,
because he now was sure, he had found the first real proof of the
existence of the jackalope-species...
He just was wondering about that guy on the photograph and his silly costumed little kid -
and he was afraid, that man could publish this or another jackalope-picture first...
and than get the 15 minutes of fame and all the money and the invitations to the TV-shows...

Look, who's on the gallery!
Here's the most recent Bowie-with-jackalope sighting!
In Summer 2006 he took his furry friend to see "Muse" in New York.
And seems Old Jack has a good taste in music and enjoyed the show!

And we totally forgot to show you this cute picture of Bowie and his jackalope taking a
walk in the streets of Berlin!
We think, looking at Bowie's haircut, this picture might have been taken in fall 2002.

And this is a picture of Jack in Berlin. Can you see his "ear trumpet"?
Well, that's another story.... which you maybe one day can read in the
"Story of the Bowie Cafe", which the Germans know already...

...nd, last but not least...
here's another Version of the "dancing with jackalopes"-picture!

cute, eh?

Or is this the truth? Well, we don't know.. click on the picture and read the article about Bowie and the jackalope, as it was written in the "Voyeur-magazine"

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...oh, sometimes I don't know, WHO here is obsessed by
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